Feb 122012

The other day I left a comment on another site in discussion of Don McClean’s American Pie.  I cited my memory that in 1968, my last year in high school, my English teacher wasted a couple of days on the song and that I had never listened to it willingly again.

It’s a very vivid and visual memory: I recall the desk, the blackboard, the small class (it was a small high school, and the senior “honors” section – maybe 10 students), and the boxy, monoaural, industrial record player (note to self.  Are there any audio snobs left, and what are they snobbish about?), and the teacher’s sleep-inducing (can’t actually close your eyes in a class that small) monologue.  I recall his discussion of Buddy Holly and the other crash victims, and so on and on.

American Pie was released in 1971.  Oopsie.

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