Feb 012012

I’ll give just about anything Sam Neill is in a try.  The stated premise to his new show, Alcatraz, from the J. J. Abrams shop, was intriguing.  Alcatraz prison was closed after everyone one the island disappeared.  Now they’re all reappearing.

After four episodes, it’s little more than Law and Order:  Time Travel Unit.  Horrible people doing horrible things horribly, getting caught after doing enough horrible things to fill up the hour, and giving the audience a teensy tiny hint that Something Bigger might by going on.  There’s no suspense because the premise requires that the baddies get caught.  The hints at Something Bigger aren’t intriguing enough to put up with the predictably horrible behavior and actions that go before.  The returned bad guys do not appear disoriented, bewildered, or perplexed.  They just go right on being horrible.

So, sorry Sam, sorry Jorge.  Alcatraz has been demoted to something to watch while biking or ironing or cleaning the TV room or brushing the dogs, if nothing else is queued up.